Davigdor Lodge Rest Home

Davigdor Lodge Rest Home is a private registered care home in the heart of Brighton and Hove.
We offer highly supported accommodation to men and women, from the age of eighteen to sixty five, who have a present or past history of mental health difficulties.

The home offers short and long term placements, with a view to avoiding hospital admission or supporting the transition from hospital to less supportive community accommodation

Longer-term placements are for those who still experience more anxiety than satisfaction from life in the wider community and for those who need more help to cope with independent living.

At Davigdor Lodge we seek to empower all of our service users with the skills to take control of their lives. Therefore, we will give you the opportunity to choose your keyworker as well as the time and place of your key work session.
We will also support you to identify your hopes, dreams and aspirations as part of your person centred support plan.

We believe in choice and control and will give you as much support to make your own choices about your future and your recovery.

Whether you are staying at Davigdor Lodge for a while or just passing through, we hope that you have a pleasant and rewarding stay.

Is Davigdor Lodge the place for me?

To be considered for placement at Davigdor Lodge you must satisfy all of the following criteria.

  • You should have a present or past history of mental health difficulties.
  • You must be aged 18 or over at the time of placement.
  • You must want to reside at Davigdor Lodge.
  • Your mental health is likely to suffer without a high level of support.
  • You must have funding agreed prior to placement.

Davigdor Lodge is not registered to detain people under the Mental Health Act but if you are 'sectioned' it may still be possible to come to Davigdor Lodge. Some people come here on 'leave' from their section. If you think this might apply to you, please talk to your care coordinator, social worker or psychiatrist.

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